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How To Get Land for Farming in Nigeria


The era of agriculture is right upon us, and the best way to be ahead of time is to get yourself well equipped for this trend. As a Nigerian, one of the future gains you can prepare for yourself now is to acquire farming skills. Doing this will not only liberate your knowledge but also liberate you financially. Many people have always said Lagos is not for poultry farmers, but this is largely false. Lagos is home to some of the biggest poultry farmers in Nigeria. As a result, you should also acquire poultry farming training in Lagos when getting your poultry farming skill.

Learning to farm in Lagos can soon put you in early retirement from your 9 to 5 bustle and hustle. This is because you can soon get financial security with poultry farming.

Poultry farming is a unique business that requires adequate knowledge. Therefore, we will provide details about what it means to be a poultry farmer below:

How Lucrative is Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a lucrative business that will bring you to speed with financial freedom. The beauty of poultry farming is that there is never a waste product. Hence, poultry farming is one of the best businesses to venture into. You could make money from the poultry business by selling eggs, bird meat, and even poultry manure.

The potential of bird farming is so high that it is becoming an everyday business for Nigerian Citizens. For health reasons, many individuals decide to go for white meat instead of red meat. Hence, this makes the movement for the poultry business very impressive.

Additionally, there is never a dull moment for poultry farming because people make daily sales. It is a commodity that humans cannot overlook.

You can begin to make your profit as early as six weeks into the business. Lastly, the funds needed to start this bird business are highly budget-friendly.

How Risky is Poultry Farming

Lagos is a highly crowded environment, and there is a need for calmness in the site for your poultry. Therefore, this could pose many risks and dangers to the birds. Additionally, there is a risk of poultry theft in Lagos because of the lack of proper security in the state.

Furthermore, the poultry business can be very risky if you do not know how to go about it. As a result, getting training that will introduce you to the industry is highly important. You will understand how best to care for your birds and position yourself for marketing with the proper poultry farm training.

What are The Benefits of Poultry Farming

  • The training prepares you for the unforeseen circumstances that come with bird rearing
  • It will help you increase your product output: This is fundamental because many poultry farmers spend heavily on poultry feeding, yet the birds are not meeting the required production output.
  • The chances of creating a successful poultry farm business will be higher with the appropriate training in the bag.

What To Expect in Poultry Farming Training in Lagos (Outline)

When going for your poultry farm training, there are basic things you should expect from the training outline, and they are listed below:

  • Introduction to Poultry Farming: This entails all the beginner guide and every basic knowledge you need about poultry farming.
  • The Types Of Breed to rear: This is an important part of any training you will get, and you must ensure that it is readily included in your training outline. Additionally, since there are various types of breeds of birds, this will help you trim down your bird choice and how marketable they are.
  • Feed Resource: any quality poultry farming training in Lagos should readily teach you how best to feed your birds. Feeding is essential to the productivity of the bird; hence, it is a crucial lesson to behold.
  • General Management: the idea of owning poultry is a big deal in Lagos. Hence, it would be best to learn how to manage your business and the birds.
  • Hatching and Incubation: there are various processes to the hatching of eggs. Hence this should be part of your training to avoid loss of funds.
  • Hygiene and Health: this is the most important part of your training as a poultry farmer, and it should be taken with extreme seriousness
  • Poultry Market: Another essential part of the training. This is where the work lies. Studying this art will bring about the success of your business.


Who are Those That can Benefit From Poultry Farming Training in Lagos

Anyone who has a knack for agricultural business is eligible for this training. Anyone aspiring to own their poultry business can enroll for poultry farming training. The good news about getting this training is that it has no requirement. It is a type of training that anyone can go for.

How Long Does  Poultry Farm Training Last

The training period is largely dependent on the trainer and the trainee. Some training will last for up to 6 weeks. There is short training that takes about two weeks. The period you use for your training should be effective enough to make you successful in the business. However, if you want thorough training that will not rush you into the business, you can discuss it with your trainer. However, the underlying factor is that it might cost you more money. Spending more money to get the best knowledge is never a bad idea. This is because you are certain to recoup all the money spent when the business begins.


It is essential for anyone interested in Poultry Farming training in Lagos to devote their time and investment to this art. It is not just beneficial financially but also beneficial for your livelihood. With proper training, you will have no course to worry about the sudden deaths of your birds. Also, you will not need to worry about many important factors that every other bird owners worry about. Lastly, this is an investment that is worth every penny.

To start your journey into the poultry business, you can also read our beginner’s guide on poultry farming.

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