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Features of a Typical Farm in Lagos

A farm is an area of land where livestock are raised and crops (plants) are grown with the intent of being used for food fuel and fiber. There are different types of farms in Lagos. Some specialize on crops alone, others focus on animal rearing alone and there are some others who focus on both. People who work on the farm are typically called farmers.
For some farms in Lagos, farmers practice subsistence farming; a method where the farmers grow crops and rear animals with the sole purpose of feeding themselves and their family. Mechanized farming; a method where the farmers use agricultural machinery to further decrease the difficulty of planting of crops and rearing of animals and greatly increasing all of the farm workers’ productivity. For the purpose of feeding themselves and also for the commercial purpose of selling produce.
For every farm in Lagos, whether it be subsistence or mechanized, there are a number of daily procedures that must be carried out to ensure the smooth running of the farm as well for maximum output. Also, there are also features that a typical farm in Lagos must possess. This blog seeks to highlight those features:

If it wasn’t obvious enough, there, I named it! For you to have a farm in Lagos, you need to have a parcel of land that should be used for carrying out the daily activities. Having arable piece of land that is fertile to the crops you intend growing on the farm. And also conditions on the land must also be favorable to whatever farm animals that are intended to be reared on the farm.
The location of the farm land as well as the size also plays a factor in maximizing output of the farm produce while also catering to seasonal crops. A typical farm in Lagos has a land where the daily activities are carried out.

A farmer is a person who is involved in agriculture as a whole, who is involved in growing of crops and also the rearing of animals for food or for raw materials. A farmer may be the owner of the farm land or might work as a laborer on land owned by others.
These are the people that oversee the day-to-day activities. A typical farmer in Lagos is said to have no day off. There are rigorous tasks that need to be conducted to achieve the goal of having the final output. One of the features of a typical farm in Lagos is the presence of a farmer to oversee its activities.

Farming Equipment
A typical farm in Lagos is sure to have equipment which the farmers are to make use of for their everyday farming, a farm in Lagos may have different equipment depending on the size and the type of farming that is practiced on the farm land.
Farming equipment or agricultural equipment as they are often called refers to machines used to conduct various types of work on the farm by the farmer or farmers as the case.
There are various forms of machines that might be available on a farm. Ranging from the hoe, cutlass, shovel, shears that you might find on a typical farm in Lagos state, you can also find heavy machineries like the tractor, the plows, the mowers, the sprayers, the planters.

Buildings for Storage
It can be easily confused with having a land, but this is separate. A piece of land may or may not have a building erected on it, but with buildings they serve a purpose, they act as shelter of some sorts and also can be used for the purpose of storage.
Having a building for storage is very important for every farm. For any farm in Lagos whether it is a shed to park your tractor or a barn to keep your cattle or horses, or a poultry where you keep livestock or even a silo used in storing of grains of farm produce. It is very important that a building is erected to cater for your everyday needs and equipment. This is one of the feature of a farm in Lagos.

Logistics Equipment
Whenever the planting has been done or produce from rearing of the farm animals have been successfully gotten, there should be some form of logistics that caters to the movement of farm produce (crops and animals) to ensure that they are moved to a final location. Whether it is to the house of the small scale farmer or it is for the distribution of those goods to their final destination for sale or for the purpose of conversion to another product for consumption and use.
Even during the planting season, there are quite a few times where equipment or large things may be moved from one place to the other on the farm. Tractors, trucks, vehicles, carts, bicycles or even human hands. You will be sure to see logistic as a feature of a typical farm in Lagos.

There are certain things that are stand out features that when you visit a farm in Lagos, it must possess. This blog post seeks to highlight and talk about those features. You should be able to know what to expect when visiting a farm in Lagos.
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