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best farm investment in Lagos

Farm Investment in Lagos

Are you considering farm investment in Lagos? Then, we have written this piece for you! Farming is lucrative, and in regions with less farmland like Lagos, potential investors can make money farming without getting dirty, whether they have the land but do not have the time to cultivate or just want to invest in farm projects. 

This article highlights two agricultural investment platforms in Lagos, explains how investors can get the best of farm investments, and why agricultural investment is a brilliant decision.

2 Agricultural Investment Platforms in Lagos

1. Porkvest

Porkvest is an excellent agriculture investment platform in Lagos. As a commercial pig farming enterprise, investors in Lagos can become part of their commercial farming enterprise. Within a farming cycle of nine months, partners can earn a high ROI between 20 to 30%, based on the plan chosen. Porkvest has three investment plans. These are:

  • Two Pig package
  • Four pig Package
  • Ten Pig package

The entire project cycle covers the purchase of pigs, breeding them to maturity, packaging, and processing for sale.

2. Payfarmer

The focus of Payfarmer is on livestock production and cash crop. Payfarmer has an overwhelming network of 647 farmers and 6,500 investors. Investors can invest in areas including cash crops like yam, cassava, and others. They can also invest in livestock such as poultry, piggery, and catfish farming. Their network farms aren’t only located in Lagos; they can also be found in Oyo and Kwara states.

Investment in a farm project via the Payfarmer platform starts from N25,000 for a farming cycle. This farming cycle is between five months to ten months, based on the type of sector you chose. Like porkvest, ROI ranges from 20% – 32%.

How to Get the Best from Farm Investment in Lagos

Before consulting an investment platform in Lagos, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Explain Your Goal

A reliable agricultural investment platform will ask for your goals. Understanding your goal will help the investment platform serve you best. One of the vital goals to share with them is your financial goal. Do you own land you’d want the company to use? Are you looking to use their estate? Communicate your goals to them. Once an agreement has been reached, understand the details of the contract and stick to the plan that fits your goal.

2. Get a Quote

You need detailed information about the type of farm you want. Once you present that, you will obtain cost estimates and expected returns from the investment platform.

3. Start Your Farm

Payments for the farm inputs are required. An investment platform will assist in doing the farm work from the start to the end. What you need is to relax and watch your farm grow. Of course, you can expect monthly updates. You can request videos or photos of the progress of the farm. Some brands can let you review the progress on their website’s dashboard or visit the farm physically – get your hands dirty if you wish or know those working for you on the farm.

4. Get Capital & Profit

Before the harvest time, an investment platform finds buyers for your farm produce. Once it’s harvesting time, they will sell your products to the buyer and deposit the capital and your profit directly into your account. Deductions vary from one company to another. For example, a brand might send 55% of the profit to you and keep the remaining 45%. Others might give you 60% profit and keep 40%.

5. Renew Contract

When the production cycle ends, you can decide to re-invest or terminate the investment. Investors can change the number of units they desire or add more farms.

Why Invest In Farming?

1. Less Risk

Agriculture is a low-risk investment. Some of its products are protected by insurance. Commodity and geography diversification also limit certain risks. Ultimately, when you invest in a platform, you are transferring your worries into their hands, giving you the privilege to focus on other aspects of your life while you have the guarantee that your profit is sure!

2. More Sustainable

The agricultural sector is more sustainable because it isn’t as volatile as the stock market. In comparison, economic depression can strongly impact the stock market and other sectors, meanwhile, the effect on agriculture is limited, if any. This implies that you can always depend on it. So, there will always be demand for your product, and you can be confident that the return on investment will be huge. 

3. It is a Relevant Investment

Lagosians, and by extension, Nigerians, will always demand food and other agricultural products. Investors can have the more profound satisfaction that they are investing in a business that gives hundreds of citizens their basic needs. When you make a massive profit from your investment, you can carry on without fear that it will become obsolete. Demand will always be high!

4. Diversification

Most investment platforms have varying plans for investors. For example, some allow investors to invest in cash crops or livestock. This presents investors the opportunity to get into varying investment opportunities. So, an investor can invest in pigs, for example, and still invest in rice or maize. The comfort that comes with this is staggering. 

5. Frequent Returns

This depends on several factors like the location of the farm and the type of the commodity. Nonetheless, you will get returns every year. Some investments can even get you returns twice or more in a year. Why? Some crops are harvested annually, while some are done two or more times in a year. Hence, your returns can be short or long. But the guarantee is that returns  are constant.

Final Thoughts

Farm investment in Lagos is rewarding. Implement this guide to get the best out of any investment platform you choose. The two platforms we highlighted are just a few of the farm investment platforms in Lagos. We recommend that you research online or offline before opting for any platform. Finally, communicate your goals, needs, and concerns to the brand you want to partner with.

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