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About Us

Once upon a time Nigeria’s global acclaim as an economic powerhouse was as a result of its vastly rich cash crop production. As agric-business is quickly becoming a mainstay, FarmPark aims to harness its potential to make great strides for Nigerians.

With decades of experience and a dedicated team of agriculture experts, FarmPark is simplifying agriculture investment so it is accessible to individuals who have always wanted to farm but lack the resource or expertise. That is why FarmPark has compiled services and resources to introduce and educate for better understanding of profiting off farming. Farmlands are available to prospective farmers to acquire as a whole to farm with on their own, to own, and farming provided by FarmPark’s team or co-ownership/coinvestment with other farmers to earn returns after a given cycle of farming or all year round.

While farming is the core trade at FarmPark, there is an eretail side to the business called Farmacy that completes the agri-business cycle. Here, all produce: veggies, poultry, meat, dairy, fruit and their by-products generated from all the farming efforts are available for procurement.

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Our Mission

To help you farm your way to prosperity

Our Vision

To promote economic diversification in Nigeria away from crude oil.

Our Team

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Farm Administrator